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Modern science is so fragmented that often not even scientists working in the same field understand eachother. Yet at the same time the key issues placed before us by the modern world are too complex for us to find answers using tools of a single scientific discipline.

On the Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies (UP FAMNIT) in Kopru we have therefore developed interwoven and diverse study courses. The world of today is developing so rapidly that graduates who will be able to independently apply the mental apparatus of at least two different scientific disciplines will have the advantage.

FAMNIT is part of the University of Primorska, the third state-established university in Slovenia. It offers a variety of courses - Mathematics (available also in English), Mathematics in Economics and Finance, Computer Science (in 2017/18 available also in English), Bioinformatics, Biodiversity, Mediterranean Agriculture, and Biopsychology. Mostly young lecturers are already established experts, have international experience, and are inventive and motivated teachers. On UP FAMNIT we strive for each student to be an individual with a f ace and a name, not just a student ID.

Our 1st degree study programs have a 3-year full-time university study programs designed according to the Bologna guidelines. They are run in Koper. It is possible to continue the studies on UP FAMNIT on the 2nd and 3rd level (master's and PhD).

We invite you to learn more about the possibilities of studying at UP FAMNIT (www.famnit.upr.si, 05 611 75 70, info@famnit.upr.si). We will be happy to answer your questions.

Undergraduate courses at UP FAMNIT

Study program Mathematics

The kind of science exclusive for weirdos in white socks and slippers? This stereotype is long dead. Mathematicians can do research and lecture, we meet them in the banking, insurance, gaming and computer companies, in the Office of Statistics, the stock market, in education... A mathematician can also choose a different career. Sense of logical thinking, good assessment of results, and an analytical approach to problem solving are abilities obtained by each graduate of the program and abilities which the executives in many areas need to posses. In 2014 the respected newspaper The Wall Street Journal has placed mathematicians at the first place of their year's rankings of the best professions in the United StatesThe study program has a modern design and provides courses that were until now unavailable in Slovenia.

Study program Mathematics in Economics and Finance

This is a new program that the faculty launched in 2009/10. It combines knowledge of economics with mathematical tools. The students acquire background knowledge of financial trends, which, according to economic trends, is knowledge of the futureThis program is suitable for those who want to learn the application of mathematics in modelling financial and economic processes. "The contents of the program, its scope, and quality are comparable with study programs Economics / Applied Mathematics offered by most universities in the United States," wrote in a review of the program eminent economist dr. Egon Zakrajšek, Assistant Director of the Division of Monetary Affairs at the US central bank.

Study program Computer Science

Computer science is one of the fastest growing branches of the Slovene economy. During the studies, students acquire relevant skills for employment in teaching and research, in system administration (in computer and other companies and institutions) in programming (computer companies), in the design of information systems.In addition to basic knowledge of computer science, informatics, and mathematics students acquires a wide range of subjects and general knowledge to allow them access to other areas of study, and thus more opportunities for employment.

Study program Bioinformatics

This is another study program launched in 2009/10. Everyone has heard of analysing DNA and protein sequences, three-dimensional models of protein molecules, and similar expressions. Not to mention deciphering of the human genome. Bioinformatics is the science which is crucial in this. Bioinformatics technicians must be able to create and develop databases, algorithms, computational and statistical techniques to solve problems that arise in the analysis of biological data. They have to know the basics of science and express them in a computer language. So if you are interested Computer Science and Informatics, in addition, are you still interested in the biology, chemistry or physics, is the study for you. At the same time bioinformatics is considered a study of the future.

Study program Biodiversity

Biodiversity refers to the diversity of all living organisms and their habitats. Due to the effects of human activity thousands of species will disappear in the coming decades, many of these before we even get to know them. The answer to this should be protection and sustainable use of resources. Therefore we need skilled professionals with classical biological knowledge who also have insight into other areas of science and are familiar with new technological tools. Biodiversity study program brings together an interdisciplinary knowledge of classical biologist, molecular biology, and chemistry, with special emphasis given to genetics and bioinformatics.

Study program Mediterranean Agriculture

Planning and production of food in the Mediterranean area represent a great responsibility and challenge. Climate change requires greater investment in environmental protection and the development of modern technologies to achieve quality products. Working in modern agriculture requires interdisciplinary integration of knowledge in natural sciences, biotechnology, economics, and technologies of production and processing. We recommend the study to all who are science-oriented, like dynamic work in the field or in the laboratory, and want to keep in touch with nature and the environment. The faculty is located in a friendly Mediterranean environment - learning about the diversity of habitats, ecological factors of the environment, and crops and their production is guaranteed.

Study program Biopsychology

Already, byopsychology is a widespread and a recognised scientific research area focusing on understanding the biological background of psychological phenomena. Good knowledge of the way the brain is structured and functions is essential for an understanding of our feelings, thoughts, and behaviour. The aim of the study program Biopsychology is to overcome the conventional treatment of the individual and social phenomena from either purely sociological or purely natural point of view. Graduates gain a wider view of human psychology as well as knowledge of how to use scientific methods of social sciences and natural sciences as a tool for solving tasks in practice. This contemporary program is the brainchild of the late prof. dr. Andrej Marušič and various leading experts from abroad are involved in its implementation. The course started in the academic year 2010/11.