Nastja Cepak

Nastja Cepak was a young researcher on UP IAM and has finished her PhD in cryptography in 2018. Now she is a part of the Center of Cryptography on UP IAM and works as an assistant on UP FAMNIT. Her research areas are Boolean functions with high nonlienarity and permutations over finite fields. She is also partly employed by the company CREA plus d..o.o. where she works with the practical side of cryptography and computer security, and performs technical trainings for encryption products abroad.


Clément Dallard

Clément Dallard is a postdoctoral researcher at UP FAMNIT and UP IAM since October 2019. He received his PhD in theoretical computer science in 2019 from the University of Portsmouth, UK. His research interests lie in structural and algorithmic graph theory.


Karla Ferjančič

Karla Ferjančič studied applied mathematics and received her PhD in numerical analysis in 2016. She is currently employed at the Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technology and
the Andrej Marušič Institute of the University of Primorska. She teaches numerical mathematics. Her
research is devoted to the field of numerical analysis and computer aided geometric design (CAGD).


Rado Pezdir

Rado Pezdir obtained a Masters degree in economics from University of Ljubljana. The fields of his research comprise economic philosophy, health economics, economics of transition, and mathematical economics. He participated in a number of fundamental research projects and consulting projects for the industry. In addition to publications in scientific journals, he also published a book on transition in Slovenia.