Andrej Marušič Institute
University of Primorska

Muzejski trg 2, 6000 Koper
Tel: (+ 386 5) 611 75 91, 
Fax: (+386 5) 611 75 92

Andrej Marušič Institute (UP IAM) is a research institute that operates within the University of Primorska. It was founded in 1999 as an independent public research institution Primorska Institute for Natural and Technical Sciences Koper (UP PINT). In 2011 it was renamed to Andrej Marušič Institute - UP IAM.

UP IAM focuses its research and development activities focus on four areas: mathematics, information science and technology, technology (with an emphasis on nature protection) and public and mental Health (with a focus on suicidiology) and kinesiology. Key advantages of the Institute's are interdisciplinary research combining excellence across disciplines and strong international involvement.

Science and engineering represent the basis of the real economy Their quality development is therefore of strategic importance. On UP science and technology are develop by UP IAM and UP FAMNIT. Both institutions are determined to continue their strife to do their best for the excellent quality of work. They will endure in the effort to get as close as possible to the scientific world summit. Their place in the top is not ensured only by excellent performance within an isolated profession, but with an interdisciplinary performance, which means working beyond the traditional sharp divisions of the fundamental areas of human science (science, technology, social sciences, humanities). The fundamental questions of humanity are too complex for it to be possible to find an answer by searching with tools or through the lens of a single profession or scientific discipline. Therefore, both institutions seek the development of a single, uniform, connected science.

Research work is organised into four research and development units: the Department of technology, Department of mathematics, Department of information science and technology, and the Department of health study. The key advantage of research at UP IAM is in a strong interdisciplinary nature of the research, which is now spreading to in all departments and three centres operating within UP IAM: Slovenian research center for suicide, the Centre for cooperation with industry and the Centre for application development and design.